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Large Organizations

Utilizing a web-based gateway, electronic payment processing has become faster and more efficient for large organizations. Instead of managing multiple terminals in distributed locations, a web-based solution provides a transaction database for the entire operation, regardless of geographic location. This allows centralized batching and enterprise-wide reporting and analysis. Our gateway allows interaction with various types of hardware for point-of-sale transactions, as well as an extensive API for interaction with other systems already in place, with all of the transactions ultimately residing in the same database. Researching transaction history now takes place with powerful search capabilities instead of searching for paper-based reports. Reconciliation with bank statements is no longer a dreaded monthly chore. Customized reporting allows you to retrieve data from the system according to your needs.

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Small Business

Our small business programs can be custom-tailored according to your specific needs. We offer:

Utilizing the many tools available we can devise a solution specific to your requirements which will provide greater efficiency in dealing with electronic payments.

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