From counter-top terminal solutions to interfacing with multi-station Point Of Sale systems, TSI Payments excels in creating custom-tailored solutions for businesses, large or small. Changes in processing have created some instances where newer equipment can be advantageous or even required. They include:

Diagram of a card terminal

Internet-Based Terminals

If you have internet access in your place of business, you can switch to an internet-based terminal and enjoy faster authorizations and settlements as well as save money by getting rid of the associated phone line

Wireless Terminals

For operations which require mobility within the location, we offer terminals with built-in printers which operate on WiFi networks, enabling businesses such as restaurants to offer payments at the table

Cellular-Based Terminals

For truly mobile enterprises such as taxi, limo or food delivery we have terminals which operate on the cellular network which provide instant access to authorization without time wasted on the phone. Built in printers allow receipt generation at time of sale

Contactless Payment

New technology such as Visa Contactless and Mastercard Paypass provide rapid payment options at Point Of Sale and new processing programs allow accepting these payments without a signature if $25 or under

Card Number/Expiration Date Truncation

If your equipment prints complete card numbers on receipts rather than the truncated version (XXXX XXXX XXXX 1234), then you will need new equipment

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