TSI Payments is familiar with the intricate needs of the healthcare industry. We provide solutions which are HIPAA compliant, patient friendly, and compatible with existing systems and processes.

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Hospital/Medical Center/Clinic

Multiple Entities

Our web-based solution can handle multiple facilities, departments and cost centers, all in the same interface. Reports can be classified down to the user level. Built in security allows access restriction based on login.

Point of Care

PC-Based interfaces allow payment acceptance at any point on your network so Registration/ER reps can collect Self Pay dollars at time of service, increasing up-front collections

Business Office

All reps in the organization can take payments from their seat, getting authorizations in real-time. Payments can be verified while the responsible party is on the line. This prevents mistakes in written transactions as well as time wasted with invalid card numbers or no available credit.


Deposits or Deductibles/Co-pays determined during pre-registration can be collected ahead of time. Payment for non-covered or elective services can be secured in advance.

Non-Medical Services

Hardware terminals which interface with the payment gateway can be placed in locations without a PC, such as lanes in the cafeteria, coffee carts, gift shops, wellness centers, education departments and even fundraising.

Outsourcing Vendors

Access to the web payments gateway can be given to A/R management vendors so that credit and check transactions that they obtain can be deposited into your account, not theirs. Keep your cash flow yours!

Robust Reporting

Customizable reports allow detail or summaries by many factors including card type, facility, department and even user. This allows you to reconcile with you patient accounting systems in a very efficient manner.

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From a single physician, dentist or other practitioner to a large group with many members, TSI Payments can provide a solution. Collecting payments at time of service has become crucial and the proliferation of credit cards has made it essential for providers of service to accept them. Obtaining payment after the fact can also be made easier by allowing as many forms of payment as possible. Our system allows for payment in person at time of care, credit card and check-by-phone transactions all in the same system. With detailed reporting and search capabilities, managing these transactions couldn’t be easier. Our processing rates are very affordable and start-up costs for the system are minimal.

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