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A New World of Payments

Accepting electronic payments has become a necessity in today’s fast-paced world. Credit and debit card transactions replace cash on a daily basis. Check-by-phone and ACH payments have made the checkbook all but obsolete.

TSI Payments, a service of Transactional Services Inc., specializes in providing electronic payments processing using the latest technology, at a price that makes sense for you. From a single point of service in a small business to the multi-user, many-entity environment of large organizations, TSI Payments will custom-tailor a solution to maximize your cash flow.

How Much Am I Really Paying?

Reading a processing statement can be a challenge. Are you really getting that rock bottom rate you were promised? Initial consultation with TSI Payments includes expert analysis of current processing costs so we can show you in plain English how much you are paying and what savings we can offer. At that time we also discuss advances in acceptance of credit/debit cards and electronic check transactions and make recommendations on how these could add efficiency to your processes.

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Services Offered

Credit/Debit Card Processing

Efficient payment acceptance via progressive technologies at affordable rates

Check Conversion/Check-By-Phone

Speed up cash flow by turning paper checks into electronic transactions

Check Guarantee

Ensure payment when accepting paper checks

Check 21

Batch deposit multiple paper checks and skip the trip to the bank

ATM Placement

Increase cash revenue with an ATM on-site and collect fees as well

Transactional Services, Inc is an agent of Newtek Merchant Solutions, a registered service provider of NCMIC Finance Corp.